Fall / Winter 2012

First things first. Our 2012 midnight show was the most successful set of screenings we have ever pulled off. A record 13 films were shown on October 19th-20th at Athens Cine, all produced in the past year. We would like to thank everyone who came out to share the experience with us, and everybody who helped make it all possible. Check out the 100% medically accurate write-up we received from Flagpole Magazine!

For those who couldn’t be there, Atlanta’s Buried Alive Film Festival will be playing “Travel Size” and “Mae of the Dead” on Saturday, Nov. 10th at 5pm. While distribution plans for several of the new films are still in the works, you can view a few of them online for free right now by clicking the links below.

Watch “The Rang” here

Watch “My Minute With Marilyn” here

Watch “Completely Defective” here

Watch “Under Where?” here

Watch “Cary Grant Takes LSD and Sees a Ghost With No Pants” here

Meanwhile, you can catch a glimpse of several of the other films in our official trailer for the midnight show. At the moment, it’s looking like “Pajama Nightmare” will become our first-ever anthology film for release on DVD and On Demand sometime this holiday season. We will be shooting wrap-around segments with Mia Mayo and Countess Samela in the coming weeks and including “Booty Meat” and “Space Boobs” as part of the package.

Finally, new episodes of our web series “I Spit On Your Gravy” are coming soon! Please follow @gonzoriffic on Twitter as well as @ChefMiaMayo for updates in between the news posted here on our site.

Happy Hallowiener, everyone!