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2012 show date and poster art!


Sex! Monsters! SEXY MONSTERS! Local underground film making collective Gonzoriffic returns for its 5th year at Athens Cine, bringing its unique brand of bizarre and beautiful D.I.Y. cinema to the big screen for two nights only!

This year’s program of perversion includes:

SECRET SHOPPER (Sweet and soul-crushing!)
THE UNINVITED (Polterghosts!)
SPACE BOOBS (Space boobs!)
MAE OF THE DEAD (Lesbian zombies!)
TRAVEL SIZE (Psycho psyche-out!)
PAJAMA NIGHTMARE (A burlesque barn-burner!)

And more stuff to be announced! Our 2012 lineup will continue to expand as the show draws closer, so watch this space for details!

Admission: $5
Show times: Friday Oct. 19th at midnight and Saturday Oct. 20th at midnight (additional 10pm show time on 10-19 may be added later).

Things I learned from making a sex movie about a sofa bed

Currently staying up till 5 or 6am each day (after coming home from work) editing THE EROTIC COUCH in time for the midnight theatrical premiere on October 16-17 (DVDs will ship the same day for those of you who can’t make it out). What started out as just a joke turned into one of the most time-consuming projects I have undertaken since we did our feature-length back in 2007. Never before have I written a film, shot it completely, then gone back to re-write and re-shoot the ending. I have been steadily adding more to the movie since the initial weekend we filmed, including a topless dance sequence that accompanies the opening titles. I’ve had a lot of interesting experiences making this movie. While I’m no stranger to photographing people without their clothes on, this is the first movie I’ve made to feature this much bare flesh, and to center completely around sex.

That said, it’s not a porn, it’s not even soft porn. And the way everyone was shot, no explicit nudity is shown. My feeling was and has always been, at least in terms of the movies I make with my friends, once you show someone’s junk then it’s all over. You can’t go back from that. The mystery is gone. I remember over a decade ago when Craig Hosoda’s “The Bare Facts Video Guide” came out, I was fascinated by it until I actually started seeing the nude scenes cataloged in the book. It was always anti-climatic, and it had nothing to do with what their bodies looked like without clothes. You can show someone almost naked a million times and it’s always going to be thrilling, but once you reveal all, there is a tangible loss. Not everyone feels this way, that’s cool with me, but we’re talking about the movies I make here. And this is how it’s going to be played.

What I enjoyed most about making this film was how easily and comfortably I directed and photographed scenes where the women interact with the Erotic Couch and each other. I grew up with cable TV, and we were definitely going for an old school sex movie vibe with this one, so I quickly realized all those years of watching cheesy T&A comedies paid off. That’s not to say this is the kind of film we made either; I took all the sex scenes very seriously, and made sure everyone looked as good as they would if I were shooting still photos of them. But there’s so much non-verbal to this thing, it really was a change for me. The ten-page script yielded a movie that’s nearly 40 minutes long. That means there’s a lot of ACTION, man. I’m proud of how it came out, and I think everyone else will too.

Some truly incredible things have happened as a result of this project. I’m not talking about getting banned from Facebook or figuring out how to make 3-D (see embedded clip below). There are a small handful of first-time actors in this movie, and a couple of them were people I had only been friends with for a couple of weeks when we started shooting. I take a great amount of care in how images of women are portrayed in the stuff Gonzoriffic produces, and that went double for this project because these women were going to be either half or completely naked in front of my camera. So when not one but two of them told me that working on this project and seeing the footage actually improved their self-image, I thought I might cry. I want art to have power, I don’t want to do shit that means nothing. Just as I want the characters in a story to be transformed from who they were at the beginning, I would also like those involved to undergo some kind of change (hopefully for the better). No one here is going on a diet to appear thinner on screen, no one is denied a role based on how they look. If I had to name one thing I want to do with my creativity, it is destroy that type of bullshit, or at least be the exception to it.

I had so much fun making this movie. People think Gonzoriffic is just a low budget horror outfit, but I have always known us to be much more than that. Not a single horror film will be shown at our next midnight event. We’ve made a variety of movies and I want it to reflect our other areas of expertise, particularly our sex-themed work. Along with the premiere of EROTIC COUCH, the show will feature a gallery of my photography that has never been seen anywhere (and will never be available online or for purchase). I look forward to how it will feel to watch people react to this stuff who think they know me, who think they know us. But mostly I look forward to what kind of things we feel free to dream up next as a result of how successful we were at pulling off this sort of movie.

To the future.

This is why I sell our movies for $5 at conventions.

Monica discovered a blog entry written by a young woman who bought one of every film we had for sale at last April’s Cinema Wasteland show. Check this out:


Far as I’m concerned, she gets free movies from us for life. I will gladly take this sort of recognition over the shallow, meaningless, fleeting “success” that comes from signing a distribution deal. A barcode and a sticker on another piece of plastic for the value bin? No thanks. The coolest girls on the planet dig Gonzoriffic, and that is a fact I wear proudly as the badge of honor it is.

The blog made me realize I never made a trailer for I’m In The Basement, so this morning I threw a little something together. It never dawned on me just how much modern Hollywood trailers rely on the same exact set of loud sound effect cues! Anyone can do it…[BEWARE! TRAILER CONTAINS NAUGHTY LANGUAGE]

I’m going to meet Linnea Quigley.

I’m currently in the middle of writing our latest movie. How I know I’m completely in my mode is when I go to bed thinking about the story, dream about the story, and wake up thinking more shit about the story. I could probably go downtown and get stabbed by a guy wearing a Mister Peanut costume and still think about the story. But I’m superstitious about talking too much about projects before I’ve actually shot anything (you’d think after 6 years and over 20 movies I’d be over it, but I’m not), so that’s all I can say on that for now.

The biggest news is Monica and I are flying out to go see this in just a couple of weeks:


Like Gonzoriffic, Chainsaw Kiss is a DIY filmmaking gang of friends that produce and self-distribute all their own movies, and they’re putting on a show (like we did a few times last year) featuring a selection of their stuff. Of course, we didn’t have bands playing and didn’t have a legendary horror star hosting ours, but then again, we’re in Georgia. Home of Waffle House and 1-85. Linnea is one of my heroes, I’ve been a huge fan of hers since I first picked up a Fangoria way back in like 6th grade. I have often said it is my destiny to meet her, and now thanks to our friend Ruby it’s going to happen. Will I faint, or will I be cool? Watch this space!

go gonzoriffic

i woke up tuesday morning with an idea for a gonzoriffic ad. wrote and filmed it wednesday, edited thursday, compressed friday and uploaded today.

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