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Underground Sinema DVD now available!

It’s here! The Underground Sinema is a 103-minute DVD collection of our latest movies, strung together as a scientific experiment in a top-secret lab! Featuring “Powerless”, “Bikini Gorilla”, “Mae of the Dead”, “Smell of the Vampire”, “The Gash”, “Barbara” and “Action Figure”, plus several extras including cast audio commentaries, music video by Tonjia Atomic and Filthy Issue, Dee Flowered’s PSAs and more!

Click on SHOP and go to the DVD section to get yours today! And here’s a commercial if you’re still not convinced you’re supporting really nice, creative folks.

Fall/Winter 2013

Gonzoriffic returns for its 6th year at Athens Cin√©, bringing its unique brand of bizarre and beautiful D.I.Y. cinema to the big screen for two nights only (Oct. 18-19). This year’s lineup of quality home-grown entertainment includes:

ACTION FIGURE (Shoplifting! Panties! The Avengers!)
BARBARA (Boobs that will change your life!)
BED DEMON (Monsters! One-liners!)
BIKINI GORILLA (Bikini Gorilla!)
THE GASH (Blood! Blood! Boobs!)
I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVY (Horror! Cooking! Mia Mayo!)
NOT YOUR WORLD (Mystery! Suspense! Mega babes!)
POWERLESS (Romance! Foul Language! True love!)
ROSEMARY’S NEIGHBORS (Satan! Comedy! Human hair!)
ROUSTABOUT (Dancing! Creepy dolls!)
SMELL OF THE VAMPIRE (Bats! Capes! Farts!)
TORI (Destruction! Nature! Angry youth!)

*Our program will also include special Public Service Announcements by Dee Flowered. You have been warned. Admission is $5 and show times are Friday Oct. 18th at midnight and Saturday Oct. 19th at midnight. All films listed above will be playing both nights, and film makers and stars will be in attendance for both shows!

Spring/Summer 2013 Updates

Citizens of Earth: Behold! A report from Planet Gonzo!

A few quick bits of news for the upcoming season.

“Pajama Nightmare” is now available for rental on Amazon Instant VOD service. Those who rent it will be treated to an outtake not available on the DVD version. Stay for the credits!

“Booty Meat” is an official selection of the 2013 Mascara And Popcorn Film Fest. Turns out, Canada loves singing cannibals who eat butts.

Production has been completed on our latest movie “Powerless”. Stay tuned for info on how you can see it!

Our compilation “Mondo Gonzo” will premiere on Amazon Instant this July. It contains our library titles “I’m In The Basement”, “Blood Witch” and “Cannibal Sisters” with wrap-around segments featuring Gonzorella (these have not been seen since our 2008 Underground Horror Show).

Fans of the old stuff will also want to check out our 2004 film “Scab”, now available for free on our YouTube page.

A new interview with Andrew has been published over at The Nerdery Public. Is there dirt? When is there not dirt? Go looky!

Last but not least, here’s a sneak peek at the one and only “Bikini Gorilla”!

Pajama Nightmare DVD now available

It’s here! A full year in the making, Pajama Nightmare is our first in-house anthology feature ever available on DVD.

Including wrap-arounds shot at Spooky Empire in Orlando, FL with I Spit On Your Gravy star Mia Mayo, the disc contains our 2012 productions Space Boobs and Booty Meat as well as the main story Pajama Nightmare.

In addition to the usual bonus material you’ve come to expect from us (audio commentary tracks, making-of footage and easter eggs), the DVD features a bonus short film vault with several of the other movies we made in 2012 including My Minute With Marilyn, The Rang, Travel Size, Cary Grant Takes LSD, Rock Paper Satan, and more.

2012 was the most productive year in Gonzoriffic’s history. Get a copy of Pajama Nightmare and bathe in the DIY movie magic!

Mia Mayo is back!

Our web series “I Spit On Your Gravy” is back with 7 new episodes that will premiere each week at cult film website (where you might spot Joy Wood from “Mae of the Dead” and “Booty Meat” modeling some rad t-shirts). The first episode made its debut on October 31st, 2012.

Mia and Andrew traveled to Orlando, FL the week before Halloween for the Spooky Empire convention, where they came face to face with such film legends as Traci Lords and Patty Mullen, aka “Frankenhooker”. With the help of Tim Anderson ( and Lori Bowen (director of “JustUs” and “Stella Buio”), wrap-around segments were filmed for the upcoming “Pajama Nightmare” DVD. Countess Samela will be in town to film her parts in a few days, and we’ll announce the release date soon.

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