About Us

“New film-makers who have torn up the rule book.”
- Wendy Roby, guardian.co.uk

Truly ‘indie’ in every sense of the word.”
- Heidi Martinuzzi, fangirltastic.com

“So outrageously camp that it borders on obscene.”
- TW Anderson, filmthreat.com

“Camcorder creativity at its most anarchic.”
- Bill Gibron, dvdtalk.com

“If John Waters and Russ Meyer had a baby, and that baby became a bunch of people and those people made horror movies, they would be Gonzoriffic.”
- Stacie Ponder, finalgirl.blogspot.com

Comprised of local actors, musicians and visual artists, Gonzoriffic made its public debut in the summer of 2004 at Athens, GA’s 40 Watt Club with a midnight screening of their no-budget campfest “PsychoVixens” and has since gone on to play dozens of festivals both regionally and worldwide, producing over 25 films including the 2007 mockumentary feature, “Fake Blood”.

100% independent and fiercely D.I.Y., Gonzoriffic enjoys all the freedoms of working completely outside of the movie industry, allowing for a direct link between the artist and the art. Our mission is to provide quality alternative entertainment with a strong focus on innovative, positive roles for women in film.